Cemetarium Haunted House

Happy Halloween Sacramento!

We are open Halloween night from 7pm to Midnight
and 7pm to 10pm on November 1st!


7983 Arcadia Dr. Citrus Heights, CA North of Sunrise Mall

2015 Updated Haunt Info is here! Click the calendar link above!





Actors!!! If you would like to volunteer as an actor, work behind the scenes with makeup and costumes, hang out with fun people and make new friends then go to our contact page and let us know! We will get back to you with the creepy details. Come scare some people with us!!! 

Cemetarium Haunted House offers Low Scare Family Friendly Tours and Full Scare Tours!!! Click on our calendar link for dates, times, directions and ticket info We accept cash, credit card.
We want to thank ReDCroW Design for the incredible website graphics and attention to detail. A job well done! And thanks to my Brother Rick for the original artwork that led to this design.

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